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Tony Brugman

Tony Brugman, a graduate of Business Information Technology at Universiteit Twente, has always been fascinated by the interplay between people, technology and businesses. He learned the basics of conducting applied research at TNO Quality of Life. Working at consultancy firm Bright & Company for more than 8 years was an essential next stepstone in his professional journey. As an analyst, he was the driving force behind many data-driven HR consultancy solutions, such as HR Analytics and HR trends research, especially for finance and business sector companies.

In 2020, Tony established Power Content. As an Information Designer and Analyst, he specializes in visualizing (complex) data into graphs, reports, and presentations to reach the reader and make the information speak for itself. Tony’s principle is straightforward: deliver the right message using insightful and visually impactful data and information.

Tony can further apply his expertise at The Allied Impact, where he strengthens products and services with data and information analysis and adds a ‘creative topping’. At The Allied Impact, he continues his partnership with Marcel Knotter on delivering data-driven consultancy (after a successful collaboration at Bright & Company and BCM Private Equity).

On a personal note, Tony cherishes his moments with his wife and two kids in their bi-cultural household. Music and Lego are his passions. Recently, he has been exploring the wonders of generative AI technology. His favorite quote depicting this trend is: “You will not be replaced by AI, but by a person using AI.”