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Marcel Knotter

Throughout his career, Marcel has always combined soft and hard skills. He studied sociology and social economics at the University of Utrecht, and ever since, his career has revolved around human capital. At KPMG, he learned the trade and worked abroad. Marcel was responsible for Human Resources Management, Change Management, and Organisational Learning services. 

Then Marcel decided to take his chances as an entrepreneur. “My best decision ever. In 2005, I co-founded Bright & Company HR Strategy – a successful niche HR consultancy in The Netherlands. And I had the pleasure to co-found BCM Private Equity in 2015 and Assessment & Coaching firm YUCA Corporate Psychology in 2017. This was my first journey to build a result-based human capital advisory dedicated to portfolio companies of private equity firms.”

Earlier, Marcel got to know Anton van den Berg (now managing partner at Allied Forces) through a mutual friend. Their relationship developed into a meaningful friendship, and so he also met Armand van Velzen, with whom Anton founded Allied Forces. When the opportunity arose, the three joined forces in The Allied Impact. 

“Besides being a dedicated family man to my wife Kitty, two children, and two grandchildren, I had the pleasure to travel extensively on snow and ice across the globe. I am still proud that in 2002, together with my best friend Peter de Bruijn, we became the first Dutchmen to reach the magnetic North Pole by our own efforts alone after a journey of 700 kilometers over the polar ice cap.”