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Jasper Cornelissen

When Armand van Velzen founded the predecessor of Allied Forces, Jasper Cornelissen was his first client. They have always kept in touch, and in 2019 Jasper took part in the Jungle Challenge in Ghana. As a consultant, he actively contributes to Allied Forces’ mission to “empower organisations, teams and people to their full potential and create more space for meaning.” Jasper is a core team member at The Allied Impact, part of the Allied Forces Group.

What appeals to Jasper in the working method? “The combination of team development and focus on organisational results. And the continuous flow between head, heart and feelings is all needed to connect with people and companies. All of this through brotherhood, connection and trust.”

Jasper started his career in the public sector in various (HR) roles and change management processes. He later worked at Randstad and Adecco. “Always on the cutting edge of efficiency improvement and team development. Based on my conviction that results are only achieved if people know what they are supposed to achieve, can be authentic, have fun and have the confidence that they are allowed to make mistakes.”

What you see is what you get with Jasper. He is married, has three daughters and likes to cook outside on the kamado (also in winter).