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Anne Begeman

People are willing to change, but they don’t like being changed by others. This is an important starting point in the work of social psychologist Anne Begeman. She focuses on creating more enjoyable organisations, where people feel comfortable and work with more satisfaction and energy. This way, people, teams and organisations can reach even more results. Anne believes in appreciative research: increasing everyone’s power and developing from existing success, instead of focussing on what does not work well. A recurring result is that people set out with energy and organisations grow.

In the design and implementation of development programmes Anne supports the team of Allied Forces. For example during offsites, where she will give (real time) feedback at team challenges and will have coaching meetings. Anne: “I am fascinated by human behaviour. Where does it come from and how can you influence it? I love to unravel, research and observe. It’s always about team development and leadership in the context of an organisation. This approach has a lot of similarities with the philosophy of Allied Forces. Hardly surprising I immediately had a connection with these people.”

One of Anne’s unique specialisms is supervising removal processes: “These are great moments to ‘move’ an organisation mentally as well, in the frame of cultural development. How can you work together better and how can you use the potential of the whole crew? Once you know where that potential is, you can very specifically design the environment thereon and let people grow from their behaviour.”