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The Allied Impact’s DNA does match best with companies who intend to make a positive contribution to people, organisations, and our planet. Therefore, we have set up a list of criteria for companies that do not match our DNA and may be better served by other partners. The Allied Impact prefers not to work for companies related to the following industries or activities:


> Fur industry

> Bio-industry

> Nuclear energy

> Gas, oil & coal industry

> Environmentally hazardous substances

> Weapon industry

> Tobacco, soft- and hard drugs

> Gambling

> Porn industry

> Cryptocurrencies

> Financial services without license or exemption from AFM or DNB

> Money Services Provider of Payment Service Provider



> Animal testing

> Genetic modification

> Unsustainable fishing

> Intensive farming

> Biodiversity damaging activities

> Deforestation

> Mining, distribution, and sale of conflict minerals

> Trust offices or services

> Violation of (international) legislation, codes of conduct, or conventions

> Producing and selling alcohol without a policy to prevent sale and marketing to minors, use of alcohol while driving, and excessive use


Do you have questions about our criteria?
Please contact us by email: marcel@thealliedimpact.com