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Is your company ready to grow?

You are an owner/founder or an investor in a scale-up company, and you have a promising proposition ready for growth. But can your company really grow? Do you have capable leaders who guide, inspire, and develop others? Is the Management Team effective? Are key employees capable of building a sustainable company culture? And are there enough people on board with the most critical skills for tomorrow? In other words, is the “soft stuff” in place to make a success out of a business promise? Because Soft is Hard.

The Allied Impact partners with start-ups, scale-ups, VCs and Private Equity firms to build a solid Human Capital foundation that results in a fast-growing and scalable organisation that is a magnet for the best talent.

What we do

How we do it

Why we do it

Building a solid foundation with speed

The Allied Impact understands what it takes to build a solid Human Capital foundation in a dynamic scale-up context. Therefore, we have developed a flexible leadership and teams development program. This program grows leaders, creates high-trust teams, builds a sustainable culture, and anchors processes to set and achieve goals. Based on a pre-deal Human Capital Due Diligence or yearly assessment, we set priorities so actions will be on time and on target.



Working together to grow companies requires a true partnership where The Allied Impact becomes part of the company’s ecosystem of partners. As an obvious consequence, we tie our fees to the ultimate success of the companies we work with. Skin-in-the-game. If we win together, we share the upside. If we do not, we share in the downside.

Working together in a long-term relationship also means The Allied Impact dedicates hands-on trusted advisors to the company. We are in it together for the whole growth journey.

Of course, creating a scalable and sustainable company never stops. Therefore, we train company professionals to continue using our methodology and tools even when our cooperation has ended.


Our mission is to make an impact together

What drives us is bringing out the best in leaders and teams to make their business dreams come true. That is our business; if the team works, the organisation works. And if the organisation works, it achieves even more than expected. In such companies, people love to work. So, to make leaders & teams succeed is the impact we are after.

At The Allied Impact, however, we feel that, as a business, we have a responsibility beyond the individual companies we work with. Therefore, our ultimate purpose is to re-invest our profits in start-ups and scale-ups that generate positive social and environmental impact alongside a financial return. In other words, we want to put our profits at work for the better.

The Allied Impact’s DNA matches best with companies that intend to contribute to people, organisations, and our planet positively. Therefore, we have set up a list of criteria for companies that do not match our DNA and may be better served by other partners.

Non-DNA industries and activities


In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, traditional financial metrics alone are no longer sufficient to assess an acquisition’s true potential and risks. Human Capital Due Diligence is the missing puzzle piece that can set you apart as a savvy and forward-thinking investor.

Why Human Capital Due Diligence Matters

  1. People Drive Performance: It’s no secret that a company’s success hinges on its workforce’s capabilities, motivation, and adaptability. By delving deep into the human capital aspect of an organisation, you gain unparalleled insights into its true potential for growth and sustainability.
  2. Risk Mitigation: Identifying people-related red flags early can save you from costly surprises. Human Capital Due Diligence helps pinpoint leadership and team performance gaps, cultural misalignments, and missing skill sets.
  3. Value Creation: Savvy investors look for more than what a company is today but rather what it can become. By assessing the quality of an organisation’s talent pool, you can uncover hidden opportunities for value creation and competitive advantage.

who we are

a unique blend of capabilities

The Allied Impact team has a unique mix of the necessary personal traits, behaviours and skills for helping start-ups and scale-up companies grow fast. These are the five reasons that set us apart:

  1. We understand the dynamics of fast-growing companies and investor-led companies. We have worked extensively for those companies and have a unique and robust track record.
  2. We speak the entrepreneur’s language. We are entrepreneurs ourselves and have successfully built, run, and sold companies.
  3. We have extensive management experience in small and large companies. We know what it means to be end responsible for a business.
  4. We are all senior Human Capital professionals with over 100 years of experience and expertise in all relevant fields.
  5. And we are true allies, willing to share the risks of investing in scale-ups. We are in it together for the long run.



Marc Wesselink, venturebuilder at Venturerock

90% of startups fail within the first 5 years and not having the right team onboard has proved to be amongst the 3 most blameworthy reasons for this rate. Individual and team dynamics can influence the venture’s future potential since every growth phase asks for different team capabilities.

At Venturerock we are reinventing the way we invest, build and scale innovation and together as partners we are pioneering a new Minimal Viable Team framework.





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